Punam Sharma

Hello Everyone,

By the 7th month of my pregnancy though I was looking forward to the birthing process, my mind was filled with end number of doubts and questions. Thanks to the free advices and painful birthing stories pouring in from all directions. I always wanted a natural birth but with each day passing by, my anxiety was growing. Then fortunately, I came across Ms. Jaypali Shetty, a HypnoBirthing®  therapist , through Mr. Darshan Desia, ISP Trainer and proprietor of Little Wings Play. It was these HypnoBirthing® sessions that Ms. Jaypali Shetty organized which boosted my confidence and made me believe and trust my body and my baby.

It mentally prepared me for my baby’s birth eliminating all tension and fear. I and my husband followed all the advices and instructions provided to us in these sessions and the outcome was that our little son was born naturally and smoothly. It came as a surprise to my family members and friends who were sure that I would not go for a natural birth owing to their belief that it required great physical strength and endurance. But what HypnoBirthing® taught me was that everything lies in our belief system. Our baby was born on 12th of July, 2011 and my labor was setting in gradually from 11th July, 2011 afternoon. I was sure of what was to come and remained relaxed. By 4 am in the morning my husband drove me to the hospital. At that point however I did think of giving up. But time slipped away quite fast and by 9:00 am I was in the labor room and our baby Advaya, was born at 10:30a.m. The final moments were much easier and required less effort than what my friends had described earlier.
I whole heartedly thank Ms. Jaypali Shetty for all the breathing techniques and exercises that she taught us. It was of immense help and changed my outlook towards birthing.

Warm Regards,
Punam Sharma.


Anita Shetty

HypnoBirthing® allows woman to use their natural instinct to give birth to a baby safely and comfortably.

Giving birth to your baby is one of the most overwhelming moments in a woman’s life and hence she would always want it to be perfect. Mine too was a perfect one as I had always wished and seeing the face of my precious one for the first time seemed to be fruitful of all the extra precautions I took from the very moment I knew I was pregnant.

My main goal was to have natural birthing without routine medical interventions like an inducing labor, epidural, episiotomy, IV etc. However I was not sure if I could actually have natural birth considering the current market facts of increased C- sections. Jaypali Shetty’s HypnoBirthing® story made an impact on me and that was the moment I decided to go for HypnoBirthing® whenever I was planning to conceive.

I started my HypnoBirthing® session on my fifth month of pregnancy with Jaypali. As my husband Nitin was travelling abroad for a project, it was kind of Jaypali to take extra hours of session for him. I wanted to change my Obstetrician and on Jaypali’s recommendation I started interacting with Dr.Veda Simon from Daima’s Birthing Centre. The birthing centre was under renovation and was scheduled to open in the month of May which was absolutely working out for my due date.

On my 35th week, my amniotic fluid count dipped to 4.5 which were too low. My gynaec was of the opinion that I would have to deliver baby to avoid distress. On my request for alternative she suggested to go for 5 day treatment wherein 4 bottles of IV and 2 bottles of Injection would be given each day to increase the fluid count. She also made it clear that this might not help much; however I was fine to go ahead with this treatment and have a regular check on my baby. Jaypali instructed me to concentrate on my breathing and visualization. She asked me to visualize certain things and a full term healthy baby. I was tensed, however got deeply involved in Whatever suggested and Relaxation techniques. It actually worked and my count increased to 9.5 on 5 th day of my treatment.

We all were happy and relaxed to hear the count. I was all confident that I am going to have a natural birth at any cost.

Finally the day arrived on my 37th week; my membranes were released at 3 am on 6th June, 2011, and reached hospital at 9 am considering the distance.

The birthing centre was inaugurated on 5th June, 2011 and I got admitted on 6th June, 2011. I was apparently first mother in Daima’s Birthing Centre. I preferred to deliver at my room instead of labor room and it was very sweet of Dr.Veda to understand and accept all my birthing preference.

Dr.Veda checked and confirmed that I was 1 cm dilated and would not deliver until next day morning. She said that I can go back home and take rest and return next day however considering the distance and peak hours I was not very comfortable to go back home. On my request I stayed back at the hospital. Dr.Veda checked on me at 3 pm, she could feel the contraction but it was not that strong and I couldn’t feel it. It was just like a normal day for me. I was concentrating on my breathing, and listening HypnoBirthing® relaxation tracks.

At 9 pm I was 3 cm dilated and at 9:30 pm I started entering the transition, I could feel the contractions strongly. The contractions were getting stronger and closer together. Nitin gave me some gentle touch massage as taught by Jaypali before she left hospital. I would take a walk and visualize and talk about the baby between the surges. The feeling wasn't one of extreme 'pain' as a lot of people say. I didn’t scream nor did I faint. Even though I was really relaxed, this was an entirely new sensation for me and at one point of time I asked my husband if I can go for epidural. It’s funny, after being so much in favor of natural birthing that moment I just lost it. My husband made me to talk with Jaypali and she encouraged me with all those wonderful words and positive affirmations which made me feel better.

She told me that birthing is a wonderful experience and we have to gather all the courage to experience it. As a woman how fortunate we are to bring a wonderful life into this world. My husband prompted me to concentrate on my breathing and visualization. In a minute Jaypali called back to inform that she is coming back to hospital (she was returning home after visiting me) and would be with me during my labor. Her presence boosted my confidence and I felt secured in her hands. I was sure everything would go well with her (Jaypali) being around.

Dr.Veda checked on me at 12 am and I was 8 cm dilated, she instructed me to lie down reclined at my side as I was getting exhausted due to lack of sleep. She said I need to save some energy for pushing however I was not very comfortable to lie down with the strong surges coming in every minute. I preferred walking.

Although a man cannot feel the same sensation as a laboring woman however I believe that many men experience a similar cycle of emotions in the birthing space and I could see Nitin experiencing it.

At 1:15 am I got a strong pressure to push, Jaypali prompted to take a deep breath and nudge love to my baby. Visualize my baby coming to us comfortably. It took about 26 minutes from the time I felt the strong surges till the moment when my baby was born (Kyra) around 1:40 am on 7th June.2011. She weighed 3.25kg and was placed on my chest. Jaypali helped me to hold her and nurse her immediately. My placenta came out with just one push and it was huge and intact.

I will always cherish my birthing experience and this wouldn’t have happened without my husband's support. My special thanks to Jaypali Shetty for her extended support. I wouldn’t have been HypnoBirthing® mom without her. I would also like to thank Dr.Veda for her love, support and understanding my birth preferences, my parents for their love and support.

Happy Birthing, to be mommies!!
Anita Shetty
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