Jaypali A. Shetty is a trained and certified HypnoBirthing® (Affiliated with the HypnoBirthing® Institute), HypnoFertility Consultant at the HypnoBirthing® Institute USA. Also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past life regression therapist by California Hypnosis Institute, USA. , Yoga therapist and a Reiki Master. But most important of all she’s a mother of two little angels Deeva and Tiara.

In spite of being a technologist (BE Comp.), she is a staunch believer in holistic health and use of natural methods for healing. She is also an active member of BIRTH INDIA ORG.

Being a first mother in Mumbai to deliver the baby using the beautiful unique technique of HypnoBirthing®, she firmly believes that “This is the way, every baby should embark their journey into this beautiful world”.

My BirthStory

" HypnoBirthing® is a beautiful spiritual experience of giving birth with love ,grace and gratitude."

My second pregnancy was amazingly different and beautiful than the first one. My firstborn Deeva was a breech, which necessitated a Cesarean section delivery, which I neither expected it nor I wanted it !

I knew for sure this time, I got to have a normal delivery. I was hoping that the doctor i was seeing would ensure it’s a normal delivery,but she was a little apprehensive, if i could try a VBAC, provided the baby was in the right position. I was hopeful as time went on when it appeared that my 2nd one was cooperating position wise. Meanwhile an article on HypnoBirthing® had appeared in Times about Mrs.Sarojini Alva's HB practitioners course taken place in mumbai.

One of my dear aunts, brought this article to my notice and asked me to enquire regarding the same.My husband Ashok,further investigated about the program and emailed Mrs. Alva,her prompt reply provided the list of practitioners available in Mumbai. Ashok insisted me to get started on HypnoBirthing®®® sessions.On further contacting Kasia,my HB practitioner ,explained me the technique in brief and how important a birthing partner's role would be in my childbirth.Initially i thought my mother would be my birthing partner as Ashok was in USA for 2 months.

I started my sessions with Kasia and she was so sweet to take an extra class for Ashok as he had missed several sessions .I decided to change my Obstetrician at 8th month and according to Kasia's recommendation i visited Dr.Ameet Dhurandhar at Khar who is a HB practitioner himself.I continued the usual doctor visits the following weeks.After an ultrasound to determine that the baby was head down,and much to my happiness baby's head was exactly where it was supposed to be!!

My baby was due in mid Nov,and as there was no position problem this time, I was told the likelihood of my needing a C-section was low.I continued with the meditation and relaxation regimen,and also rehearsed breathing techniques.

Since 7th month i used to get pre-labor warm-ups where nature indeed provided me with an oppurtunity to rehearse my relaxation and deepening techniques,preparing for the childbirth.

On 21st Nov. from 11:00pm i started getting mild surges every 1/2 an hr.I did not tell anybody until 1:00am when the surges were exactly 10 mins apart.Ashok called up my doctor,he asked us to leave immediately as it would take us 45 mins to reach the hospital.

I maintained my calm by breathing,i was comfortably seated in the car and as surges came, i just kept deep breathing and was happy to imagine my baby coming into this world peacefully and lovingly.Ashok co-ordinated with Kasia and my midwife Lina. Dr.Ameet checked on me,i was 2 cms open.He encouraged me,that i was doing well and asked Ashok to take me to one of the rooms where i would comfortably go thru the progress.Ashok gave me some gentle touch massage and between surges we would take a walk and discuss abt the baby.Later Kasia arrived and she read out the relaxation scripts to me.I was so relaxed that in between i even drifted into deep sleep for 10-15 mins. Lina inflated the exercise ball for me and kept the birthing stool ready.I was either on my side breathing through the surges, later standing up by the bed and in supported squat with Ashok against the wall.Hours were passing, but none of us felt the time. My surges kept coming 2-3 mins apart,i could feel some kinda pressure and asked my doctor to check on me.I was 7cms open,after 10 mins my membranes released while i was lying down in the side position. I continued to breathe and remained calm.Soon it was time to breathe down the baby.
Then i decided to lie down on my back. Kasia and Ashok elevated my upper body with pillows. Ashok and Lina were by my sides giving all the support i needed and Kasia was behind, by my head whispering in my ears HypnoBirthing® scripts which was very soothing and giving me a cold towel compress on my forehead. With every surge, i took a breath and nudged the baby down.Thanks to Lina who was monitoring baby's heartbeat without getting me tied down to any kinda apparatus and avoiding the routine medical interventions.

My baby (TIARA)finally came at 8:30 am on 22nd Nov.2008! She weighed 3.8kg, and was immediately placed on my chest.She was so alert,calm and seemed ready to greet us and the world.Ashok cut the cord after it stopped pulsating that was around 4-5 mins after the birth.My baby was breast fed immediately which helped the placenta to come out easily and quickly. I just needed 1 stitch, since it was a small tear. We were all so happy. Ashok looked ecstatic and said that every dad should be there by their wife's side and witness their baby coming into this world!

I sincerely thank my husband, Ashok for his endless love and support. Without him i wouldn't be a happy HypnoBirthing® mum and goes beyond birthing companion .I couldn't have asked for the birth to go any better! I thank my parents for always standing by my side and helping in every way needed.

Today at this point i sincerely want to thank Kasia for being a part of making a huge difference in the greatest celebration of my life "my childbirth" and for being a great support through out.A special thanks to Sarojini Alva for her kind reply and putting me in touch with Kasia.I appreciate and thank Dr.Ameet Dhurandhar for providing me such a beautiful birthing environment and his words of encouragement.I thank Dr.Manjiri Kawde and everyone at Chryssaliz hospital,Khar,for making me feel special and making my stay comfortable.

Love n' Lite,
Jaypali Shetty
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